Road to Juu Go Kakuto Geemu - Part 3

Juu Go Kakuto Geemu

Part 3 - The "Usual Kakuto Lineup"

These games are usually at Kakuto. They aren't really as popular as the main games, but they always deserve some love. Let's go over the TOs and my thoughts on the games.

Fantasy Strike

TO: Sente

Fantasy Strike really takes the "casual accessibility" to the next level. Yet it's amazing how much better the veterans of this game are. I'd main Grave if I played this. Divekick personally give me my "simpler" game itch.

Sente has been trying to get Kakuto to become THEE Fantasy Strike tournament. This is why Kakuto always has a massive pot bonus for the game. Sadly we seem to struggle to get people outside of Ohio to play this amazing game. Sente has been spear heading the Tuesday Trials in my place. He's done an excellent job since many of you reading this probably joined the Columbus FGC through Tuesday Trials at this point.

The King of the Fighters XV


King of Fighters 2003 was one of the first FG I learned how to play. Thus KOF will always have a place at Kakuto. I'm glad more people are sticking with KOF15 these days and that SNK keeps making new characters. This is one of the harder FGs in the Kakuto Lineup in my opinion.

We did have a designated TO for this, but they had to drop last minute. It'll most likely be ran by Silmerion or Gibson.

Soul Calibur 6

TO: Stove

Soul Calibur I didn't get into until the 3rd one. Nightmare is so cool. But it sadly became a game that fell off for my compared to others. Soul Calibur 6 is starting to look like its the last one of the franchise, but who really knows? I do know that Soul Calibur in general is starting to take over in Ohio again.

Stove is great. Many of you know him as the head TO of Cap City Chaos. I'm grateful he's been able to help me at Kakuto and my other events here in Cbus. Please continue to give him your support.

Guilt Gear Xrd

TO: Maxim Ace

Guilty Gear Xrd is one of the most vocal games from not a ton of players. So we'll keep running them, though I kind of wish more could come over to it. It's quite fun. Strive is more polished though I think, so I get it. But Xrd is Xrd!

Maxim ace will be running this one. All of my core staff can TO anything, Maxim especially.

Vampire Savior

TO: Gibson

Vampire Savior Fascinates me. Ohio has a weird dedicated crowd to this very niche game. Those folks will even get hired to do streams for events involved VSAV. Sadly I wasn't able to find time to get to those folks this time. We do run these on Mister's since we also love running ST on those as well.

Gibson will be TOing this one. He's done so in the past as well.

Dragonball FighterZ

TO : LongJohnCena

Dragon Ball games have such a weird conundrum. Do you make the game like how the anime/manga is? Or do you make the game like other games? Dragon Ball FighterZ did the later, but maaaan did they do a great job really honoring the anime/manga. I love finding the panels certain moves have in the manga. I've always been torn if 3v3 was the way to go though. I think learning one character in FGs is hard, much less 3. I'm also torn as a TO. Typically good netplay means less entrants at Locals... but our locals are very hit and miss at the moment. Who knows?

Originally Obelisk was going to TO this, but sadly cannot make it. LongJohnCena will be TOing in his place. It'll be a cute tournament.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

TO: Renickuluss

Past are the days of "When's Marvel" being screamed at majors. But I find the current meta fascinating. Renickuluss updates me on this frequently. It's as if every character has found some sort of crazy tech that "could" dominate. I hope the "zero may cry" haters don't punish the scene for how EVO looked. Zero is insanely strong after all. Regardless, Marvel has always had a special place here in Columbus. It was the preferred game of many of the old guard.

Renickuluss is our resident expert on the game. Most in the city can touch him, but he still shows up to help out new players learn. I'm happy I can provide him the chance to lead the event as a TO as well.

Super Smash Brothers Melee

TO: SuperNac

Melee and I have a rough relationship. Melee was the game that destroyed our gaming club in 2004. Melee players were the first awful players I ran into during my first offline event. Melee players really disrespected other scenes (not that others scenes are innocent either, but Melee was a lot more so). But Melee players show up when the call is needed. More Melee players enter multiple games besides Melee. The OSU Melee scene has some of the best people I've met. I know Kakuto won't be a "Melee event" in that scenes eyes, but I still want to give them another shot every Kakuto anyway. They were in the first few Kakutos after all.

I've talked about SuperNac already, so it's natural he'd run Melee. Sadly Kakuto is right off the heels of "The Big House", so his presence might not be as noticed when it comes to advertising for the event.


TO: Juushichi

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] has hands down my least favorite "formal name". The game is also strange to me. I actually finally sat down in the tutorials about it. Being able to cancel "blocked normals" into other moves to make them over all safer is so strange to me. The game and scene are quite dedicated, but I feel this particular Kakuto will be lesser with UNI 2 coming out very soon.

This is Juushichi's main game, thus we run UNI and he TOs it. You all know his work already if you are reading this.

You'll notice some Kakuto staples are missing, but those are my personal favorites and my guilty pleasure titles. Many of these I don't play.

Next time - The "My selfish list" Games at Juu Go Kakuto Geemu