Road to Juu Go Kakuto Geemu - Part 4

Juu Go Kakuto Geemu

Part 4 - The "My selfish List" lineup

I am very heavily biased towards these games. I just want people to play them, even when I cannot. Even when their scenes will not play anymore. This "dead" games tournament lets me add some stuff I normally cannot.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

TO: Gibson

Many of the old guard started with this game. It's not a fair game at all. It's littered with 90-10 matchups, infinites, random stun moments, and it's strict on inputs. Why do we play this still? Just... because.

I like assigning Gibson to these legacy games to give him perspective on history of FGs. Gibson I think has the potential to become a legendary TO, so anything I can expose him to will be great.

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

TO: Jules

I actually learned 3rd Strike before I learned ST! It's mostly because I am a Tekken player at heart, so i didn't really do Street Fighter until the PS2 version came out. My sparring partner at the time was great at Parry Timings. He was parrying Supers constently before EVO Monet #37. It was a great learning experience.

Jules (Mystik) is a very young up and coming organizer who is heavily involved in the online scene. I wish I could line up my schedule with his so I can properly teach him how to run his own offline events. Cap City Chaos and this are a great start.

Virtual Fighter 5

TO: Sente

This game is hard. Maybe it's the hardest on the list. I wish it had better flair so that people could understand how much harder it is to play this than it looks. I like bringing this one around occasionally, even if it isn't themed appropriate.

Sente has filled in last minute for our usual VF TO. I hope you're well, friend.

Skull Girls

TO: Zion

This game, to me, is a text book example of what happens when the FGC makes a game. I feel this has a good mix of everything, but just fell short popularity. I personally loved the idea of the custom assists. Sadly this usually means their is only one option. With the new season out, I'm hoping more start to play this one. It's hard to recover when the original developer wasn't great.

Zion has wanted us to run this for quite a long time. I'm hoping this event help invigorate him into running these at our locals.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

TO: LongJohnCena

Mortal Kombat for me growing up was the game we only saw in arcades (which we weren't allowed to play) OR it was the Game Boy Version. Yes, the Game Boy version. Lui Kang was my main back then. I've debated doing a side event with this one someday. "But Keist, this is suppose to talk about MK3?" Oops... honestly It's the older version I see more often in arcades. It'll be a cute event.

LongJohnCena is going to be the Face of the Cbus MK scene as an organizer when I am done with him. Ideally, he could run a NR tournament similar to my popular Tekken Calibur Crusade. Please give him your support.

Capcom Vs SNK2

TO : SuperNac

When I first entered the Cbus FGC, this game was talked about frequently. When the scene started getting Caddy Cabs, this game was the first tournament we ran on it. Or was it CVS3... uh oh... I really like the 3v3 with the cray amount of "groves" to makes characters like the games they came from (play SF characters like they were in KOF). As oppose to today where you have to learn the one system in versus games.

SuperNac will be running this one. He actually coencidently owned this game on Dreamcast! (Though we'll be using burned copies because it's Dreamcast).

Marvel vs Capcom 2

TO: Stove

This game is what my predecessors loved. This is the game that we hosted the famous Justin Wong vs Yipes $1000 Money Match. I always wanted to run this, but I always held off. I wanted my event to be "grand" enough to get my mentors to come out. Sadly, that time is pass as they are not able to compete due to their families. But who knows in the future. I also felt this needed to be ran on Dreamcast, just like how they did it back then.

Stove will be running this one. This feels like a true changing of the guard. His Cap City Chaos might one day become our Modern Season's Beatings. As for me, I love Kakuto's casual/grassroot feel to ever really get Pros to show up.

Killer Instinct

TO: Silmerion

Killer Instinct I never respected as a kid. I always thought it was a joke fighter like Clay Fighter for a very very long time. I didn't even know of the Combo Breaker system until this new one came out. It's actually kind of genius. I also felt this game suffered from really bad marketing with the Free to Play model.... that still cost the same as a reg FG when you bought everyone. Of the game in this list, I really want this one to make a comeback. I hope the few who come for this are able to build off of this.

Silmerion doesn't know he's running this yet as I'm writing this. It's mostly because his other games might get cancelled. Otherwise, I'll do it myself.


TO: Jules

Divekick is my favorite Indy game. I love that I can show anyone how to play this in a simple Dive vs Dive mirror. I also love how it really breaks down the simple engagements that happens in fighting games. I'm embarassed to say that I still have execution issues. Just like the newest Tekken will end Kakuto's stream, Divekick will always begin it. (unless the them doesn't fit it).

Since this is the first game of the day, it made sense to have Jules run this as part of his training. Juu Go Kakuto Geemue won't be quite as busy at this point, but busy enough.

Tekken 5: Dark Ressurrection

TO: Silmerion

This is the first game I entered in the FGC as a competitor back in 2006 (ok so maybe it was still Vanilla T5). I went 0-2, but the second match was a very close game 3. I mained Lee back then. I also got to meet great people like 50Yen and Competitive Casual. They accepted me with open arms and explained things to me despite it being my first event. I do everything I can to pass that spirit on to you all.

Giving this one to Silmerion more because someone needed to. I might change my mind last minute to do this one. We'll see. I sadly won't have time to enter it myself since...

Tekken Tag Tournament

TO: Silmerion

Tekken Tag Tournament. My first fighting game love. I had played ST occasionally, but it never really clicked. Tekken though, oh man. It was also one of the few games my old friends actually all learned and played despite having completely different gaming backgrounds. Why would the Final Fantasy Player (me) hang out with a Counter Strike Rager and a Sports Gamer to play Tekken? I also dabbled in brackets and pools before learning what the FGC was. I think I actually need to host this more often.

Silmerion is running this one for the same reason as Tekken 5DR, but I'm actually entering this one.

There are only three games left to cover. I think they are the goofiest ones remaining. I'll also go over honorable mentions that couldn't fit into a single day of games.

Next time - The "What Were You Thinking" Games at Juu Go Kakuto Geemu