Road to Juu Go Kakuto Geemu - Part 5

Juu Go Kakuto Geemu

Part 5 - The "What Were You Thinking" games

These are games I went like: yeah these are just memes. Or even deserve to stay dead. But I have a twisted sense of humor, so I wanted to put these three into a separate category.

Soul Calibur 2

TO: Zion

So this game to me was one word: Ivy. You either lose, or you played Ivy. So I thought, yeah lets do Soul Calibur 2! People will remember those awful days of Ivy dominating everything and everyone. This game currently has the second most entrants at Juu Go Kakuto Geemu. There are more dedicated people to this game and they aren't complaining about Ivy. I kind of feel like The Grinch when he's expecting the Whos to be sad their presents are good... but instead everyone's happy. Thanks guys for ruining my fun by showing up to what I thought was going to be a meme.

Zion of course of one of the firs players to show me that there is a serious demand for this game... Good show. Expect Soul Cal at many things to come from Cbus.

Street Fighter X Tekken


I remember how hype people were for this game. I also remember it being one of the most miserable week 1 events. The game was just so slow to end back then. Then all the other DLC crap started piling up with the Gems. This website doesn't even have a SFxT tag I can classify this post under. Then all of sudden, a small group started to tell me a year later (after every had moved on to other things) that the game is actually good. I kind of don't believe them, but let's see if this game gets to 4 entrants tomorrow. It's a shame, because the idea of this game is amazing. It just fell so flat.

ADC* Ken is one of those vets that just knows how to run brackets. There's a good amount of people I haven't actually trained really. Ken has been a great quiet pillar for our scene and I love working with people like that. He'll probably be the TO in those TBD areas unless SfxT gets enough people.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

TO: Maxim Ace

Power Ranger was one of my favorite shows growing up. I had also played the various "similar to fighting games" like Power Rangers for the Game Gear (fun stuff). When I heard of a Marvel Clone but with Power Rangers, I was actually excited to buy it. Until I found out that it didn't have voices. Oh man. And no real story mode either. These things would come eventually (oh... it only was a month. That seemed longer), but I just feel awful for the series. I'd be surprised if this ever gets ran ever again.

Maxim Ace will run this one if it hits 4 people. We'll see though.

Honorable Mentions

Clearly there are so many fighting games that it would be impossible to run them all in one day. But I'll mention some that stand out slightly.

Arcana Heart : This one I wouldn't mind just adding to the list in the future.

Samsho : People do run this at other places, but I just couldn't squeeze this in.

Melty Blood : I had ran this at Buckeye Battles. Twice. I think Dreamcast games can get in a shot.

Dem's Fighting Herds : This one I thought was a little too new.

TMNT Tournament Fighter : This is ran a lot as a side event or even a casual setup. I felt I wanted to show case other stuff. Plus there's that new Justice League Vs TMNT game that a future Kakuto will have.

Street Fighter IV : I was already doing 2,3, 6, and xT. Did I really need another one? SF4 will show up at my monthlies more soon.

Marvel Infinitie : I almost did this one, but then we got the Dreamcast stuff working for Marvel 2.

That covers all of the titles. I wanted to do something like this for awhile, but didn't have the place to do it. This site seems to fill the niche ok. I also think transparency is important, even if you don't agree with me. Tomorrow I'll post the final blog on the eve of the event. Juu Go Kakuto Geemu is the 15th Kakuto Geemu, but did you also know it's my 15th year as a TO?

Next time - Reflection and Future of Kakuto Geemu