The New Ohio FGC Stats & Data Platform

Y'all like ELO?

As alluded to a while back, one of my aspirations for the website was to build our a stats platform. For the past couple of weeks, I've been in the lab doing just that.

I'm super proud to introduce the new Ohio FGC Stats & Data Platform. On this new page, you can see all of our raw data as well as a Ratings Report. This Ratings Report shows you ELO ratings for every game we have data on. Take it with a grain of salt though. We don't have all the data and ELO ratings start losing meaning when sub-communities only play amongst themselves. There will be other cool stats later on.

This initial release is very much a beta and still actively being worked on, there might be some issues. In fact, I wasn't going to release it just yet. In showing off the platform for some feedback in the Outer Haven discord, it had been leaked elsewhere. So here we are.

But, we now have the ability to ingest tournaments and add them to our own dataset where we can do some number crunching. Challonge brackets are next on my list, which I am personally extremely excited for as a lot of our older history lives there. A lot of the Ohio brackets are in the system already, but if there are some that are missing, drop me a line on twitter or any of the discords I'm in and I'll add it.

Additionally, you might also see duplicated profiles. Some of y'all don't know how to keep one account. I scanned through already and merged ones that were obviously duplicated, but I probably missed some of the less obvious ones. Again, drop me a line and I can get it fixed real quick.

Right now, our dataset has 1646 players, 1105 brackets, 235 tournament events, and a mind blowing 14935 matches. That's probably not even half of the data that I can grab.

If you have any cool ideas for what to do with this data, let me know.