Ohio Tekken 8 Power Rankings Launch Announcement

Ohio Tekken 8 Power Rankings


The Ohio Tekken 7 Power Rankings was something I created back in 2019 to help encourage players to travel to more events especially in Ohio. This was a success and lead to more players coming out to events. This also kept the drive strong in quite a few players. This has also been proved effective in the Smash Community. Starting with Tekken 8's launch, I will do the Power Rankings again for Ohio Tekken 8.

Power Rankings are also a tool TOs can use to help seed events.

How does it work?

Essentially, players go to Tekken events to earn points. Points are added up at the end of the season. This season will go for 5 months until July 1st. Events must have 16 people and a variety of regional representation for the event to count. Once an event is a Power Ranked Event, then all Ohio players participating it will earn points. The formal rules for this with examples are in the Ohio Tekken 8 Power Rankings Information google document. Then this is the link to the Ohio Tekken Power Rankings Standings themselves.

I will be posting monthly updates here as well as what tournaments to look out for. As always, check the Competition page of this site.

When the season ends, the top 10 are announced in a fancy banner like this past Tekken 7 one.


How can I get involved?

Simply reach out to me that you are either:

  • A TO that is running a Tekken 8 event that would qualify for PR (see the Info Doc linked above)
  • An Ohio player who is competing in a Tekken 8 event.

I will then keep track of results as long as they fit the criteria.

If you are a Non Ohio Player, sadly you can't be in the rankings. BUT I will keep track of where you stand in comparison. I heavily encourage out of State players to ruin any Ohio player's chance at getting PR.


Contact me at these things:
Discord (I may make an Ohio PR Tekken Server, but this will depend on community feed back since there are already lots of discord servers)
Ohio Tekken Power Rankings Facebook

The most common questions will be answered in the information doc.

Here's to some good Tekken!