Ohio Tekken Power Rankings February Update

Current Standings

This first few weeks we did not have any Ohio events qualify for being Power Ranked events. But we did have a handful of players travel out of state to other events to get some points. Though these points won't count until each of these players have been to 3 qualifying events in total. Here are the standings:

The Mayor

36 Points - Getting 9th at Frosty Faustings XVI 2024


22 Points - Winning Isshocon 2024

General Midwest

10 Points - Getting 97th at Frosty Faustings XVI 2024

Revant Tilywink

3 Points - Getting 9th at Bourbon State Gaming: Fighters Edition XVIII

Standings in more detail can be viewed here.

Just participating in a Qualifying event gets you points, even 0-2ers. (Though you get clearly more points from doing great.
Scoring is described in this doc.
Are you better than the players above? Simply show up to as many as events as possible to help those events become qualifiers.

Other Notable Performances

While the events these next players went to didn't have enough entrants or regional diversity, I am going to give them shout outs. I fully expect these players to make an impact on the Rankings in the next 6 months.

Subway Wang

Subway Wang won Newport Knockout. He's one of Cinci's best players who travels.


JABS won Match Point over in Sandusky, Ohio. Could this old school player be preparing to hunt down the young Tekken players?


Cobb won the first Tekken 8 Donatos Scarlet Week over 17 players. Many of Columbus's best showed up. Can Cobb stay up in the top?

February Events to look out for!

While it's only been a week since Tekken 8 came out, it's to be expected that these intial tournaments to be on the small scale. BUT this month, we have some potential Ohio battlegrounds! (Click the event names for the start.gg link, this are in no particular order)

Something Sweet

Toledo Local that is also the qualifier to represent Ohio in the Midwest Roundhouse Tag exhibition. Careful though, this tournament can attract very powerful Michigan Tekken Players.... or just beat them.

Cincy Clash #6

Cincinnati's first larger Tekken 8 event. This event already has 14 signed up for Tekken 8. This event will also fish out Kentucky and Indiana players.

Midwest Mashup

The Dayton Monthly. Many hidden warriors live here and need some stirring.

Buckeye Battles 3

My next monthly featuring exhibition matches. Come fight Columbus's best. This takes place on a Sunday to not bump with other events.

Saturday Trials

While in March, it's the first week of March. One of Columbus largest regional events run by members of TheKiest team. Can't make it to Buckeye Battles, go for this one!

For other events, check out the Calendar here on this site.

This is the time. This is the time to prove to your strength, to prove your Tekken!