Ohio Tekken Power Rankings March Update

Current Standings

February exploded out of the gate with many events not only in Ohio, but out of state as well. We also loosen the stakes requirement. Events must either have an entry fee or a prize pool of at least $50.

These are the events that we had in February:
Fight Club #1
Go For Broke 2024 Edition
Cinci Clash #6
Boston Balance Patch Weekly 2/16/24
Kent FGC 4th Year Anniversary

In March, we also had the Columbus Regional: Saturday Trials.

If I missed any event, please let me know. There were others, but many did not fulfill the region requirement.

We currently have an amazing 76 Ohio Players participating in the rankings via eligible events! Thank you everyone!

From these events, we now have our first 5 players who are eligible for being Power Ranked. Will these five hold their spots?

1st: The Mayor

82 Points - Winning not only Ohio's Cinci Clash #6, but Boston's Weekly as well!

2nd: Victeemo

76 Points - Winning Saturday Trials, Fight Club #1, and Go For Broke!

3rd: Sol Naciente

49 Points - Achieving 5th place at Fight Club #1 and Go For Broke, he also got 2nd at Saturday Trials!

4th: Acvius

38 Points - 13th Place at Fight Club, 3rd at Cinci Clash #6, and 5th at Saturday Trials.

5th: Revant Tilywink

13 Points - Getting 17th at Cinci Clash #6 and 9th at Saturday Trials.

The players not far behind.

These players just need a single event to become PR eligible. Some of these will bump some of the above even if they went 0-2!

Mr. J - 31 points.
Subway Wang - 22 points
Cobb - 21 points
Ashton Kusher - 17 points
TiZ - 4 points

Standings in more detail can be viewed here.
If you don't see your name here, but you've been to these events. Please let me know! Adding your state/city to your start.gg profile helps us immensely.

Just participating in a Qualifying event gets you points, even 0-2ers. (Though you get clearly more points from doing great.
Scoring is described in this doc.
Are you better than the players above? Simply show up to as many as events as possible to help those events become qualifiers.

March Events to look out for!

There isn't a whole lot going on in March in Ohio. We do have quite a bit of Out of State events to go to, but I'll advertise the Ohio ones I'm aware of at least. If others exist, let me know and I'll update this page. Click the names of the events to take you to their start.gg page!

Something Sweet

Toledo Local with potential for MI folks to attend.

Midwest Mashup

The Dayton Monthly.

Tension Shift

Game Arena in Columbus hosts another fighting game event.

For other events, check out the Calendar here on this site.

It's Tekken Time!

This is the time. This is the time to prove to your strength, to prove your Tekken!